An Open Letter to the Republican Delegates Voting on the “Porn Menace” Platform

Dear Republican Delegates,

We read with dismay that the Republican Party platform committee has endorsed a plank declaring “porn a public health crisis” and a “menace.” While it may not fit with your morals, studies have repeatedly shown that access to adult entertainment is positively correlated with decreases in sex crimes, better performance in bed, and more feminist views of women. (We understand that last one might not be a net positive for you, but we like it.)

Next week, you’ll vote to approve or reject that platform, and we want you to have an informed decision. That’s why we’re offering every credentialled Republican delegate free access to our sites from now until November 8. Kink has been a leader in ethical production of adult film for nearly two decades, and are proud to celebrate a diverse articulation of sexuality and gender. Unlike those your platform committee, we know the difference between fantasy and reality, the importance of informed decisions about sex, and the necessity of sexual representation. Porn isn’t harmful, but shame around sexuality is.

All we’ll need from you is proof of your delegate credentials, sent via email. We also understand the value of anonymity in accessing adult material, so as with any of our members, your request will be kept private. Heck, if you’re really concerned, you can even use a burner account — provided that you can adequately demonstrate the credentials (and your age) without revealing your name. We’re not here to shame or expose you you, we’re here to enlighten you.

(And for poor “bound” delegates who are still #NeverTrump, I recommend starting with Kink’s Trump-themed primary smash, “Make America Gape Again.” Even the Republicans on our site loved it.)

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe
Director, Divine Bitches,



Mike Stabile
Media Relations,


Trump Gangbang Promises to Make America Gape Again

donald-trump-parody-9-1Trumps Take On Ella Nova,  Promises to “Make America Gape Again”
Director Marlowe: “By far the darkest thing I’ve ever done …”

SAN FRANCISCO — With less than a week to go before the California primaries, has released “Make America Gape Again,” a hardcore gangbang featuring five Donald Trumps dominating one Miss America, played by Ella Nova. The film uses real dialogue from Trump rallies, speeches and interviews.

“I’ve directed a lot of hardcore, but this is this is by far the darkest thing I’ve ever done,” said Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, an independent film director who shoots Kink’s femdom series, in addition to Hardcore Gangbang. “There’s something about Trump that inspires both fear and awe. As a dominatrix, I wanted to try and invoke that dark power, so we had actors using his own words. There were times on set when it felt actually overwhelming, which is good in sex, not so much in politics.”

The gangbang takes places at Trump rally, and features Xander Corvus, Mickey Mod, Tommy Pistol, Mark Wood and Bill Bailey dressed in Trump suits and wearing Trump masks, dominating Ella Nova, dressed in an American flag. But instead of Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” slogan, the campaign signage reads “Make America Gape Again.”

“We didn’t want to show Trump as a comic figure, we wanted to show him how we see him: as a powerful but frightening force. That’s why we mixed in actual footage of Trump in some of the promos,” says Marlowe. “Of course, the truly scary thing has been his rise to power. Even a five person gangbang can’t compete with that. At least a gangbang is consensual.””

“Make America Gape Again” debuts today on Teaser clips and trailers can be found at A safe-for-work trailer is available at

Mike Stabile
Media Relations,
415.496.5493 Slams Cal/OSHA Complaints as Politically Motivated

SAN FRANCISCO — says Cal/OSHA has alerted them that the company will face several new citations over Kink’s decision to give adult performers choice in using condoms. The citations and fines, which are expected to be announced by Cal/OSHA by Monday, are the result of numerous ‘swatting’ complaints filed by Michael Weinstein, the proponent of a statewide mandatory condom ballot initiative in California.

“Weinstein is abusing Cal/OSHA to harass his political opponents,” said Mike Stabile, spokesperson for “There were no injuries. These were not complaints filed by anyone on set. They were filed by a man on a computer watching adult videos, looking for an opportunity to strike back against people who opposed a regressive condom mandate.” will appeal the citations, as it has similar citations in the past. utilizes the adult industry STI testing system and allows performers to choose whether or not to use condoms for their scenes. The company estimates that ten to fifteen percent of performers on Kink shoots do use condoms, but many find them difficult or painful to use on long shoots, and prefer to rely on the proven testing system.

Since 2009, Weinstein has filed over a hundred Cal/OSHA complaints against adult companies and performers in the past five years. He has frequently singled out companies like that have advocated for performer choice. Performers and directors from recently testified at a Cal/OSHA hearing in Oakland over mandatory condom regulation sponsored by Weinstein, and helped defeat the regulation.

“This is selective enforcement based on political speech,” said Stabile. “Weinstein has repeatedly said that he chooses who to file complaints against based on their opposition to his own desire to see condoms in adult films. Cal/OSHA was created to protect and defend workers, not harass them for political means.”

Karen Tynan, an attorney who has defended multiple adult film producers since 2009, says that performers and production workers are safe. “There has not been a serious workplace injury on an adult set in twelve years. There is simply no data or substantive reason for this much attention and use of resources by any state agency. Frankly, the average California citizen should be appalled that Weinstein wants state employees watching and evaluating porn for their workday.”

Weinstein is the proponent of a controversial November ballot initiative which would allow private citizens to sue adult performers who chose not to wear condoms. The bill gives Weinstein himself the unilateral power to file lawsuits as he so chooses, using taxpayer resources. The bill is widely opposed by performers, businesses, and public health advocates.

In February, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board declined to issue industry-specific condom regulations, after hundreds of performers, producers and public health advocates showed up to testify against the proposed government condom mandate. During and after the hearing, representatives from the Cal/OSHA Division, the department which issues citations, were visibly frustrated with the decision.

“We believe that this is payback for Oakland,” said Stabile. “This is about silencing and intimidating those who spoke out.”